Dengue hemorrhagic fever – the essential phase of dengue fever

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Dengue is an infectious tropical disease as a result of the dengue virus. It’s miles transmitted by means of numerous species of mosquitoes with aedes aegypti being the primary vector. Symptoms of dengue consist of fever, headache and muscle and joint pains. In some cases, a characteristic measles-like rash is likewise observed. In a small percentage of the instances, dengue develops into dengue haemorrhagic fever which is characterized by way of bleeding, low platelet rely and blood plasma leakage. A greater excessive level is dengue surprise syndrome where dangerously low blood strain is found.

Most of the people of humans inflamed with dengue virus do now not display signs or display slight signs and symptoms. Extreme illness is found handiest in five% of the cases. Dengue is existence-threatening in a small proportion of cases. Incubation period levels from 3 to 14 days. The direction of infection is in three levels: febrile, vital and restoration. High fever is determined inside the febrile section. Ache and headache are also experienced. This phase lasts for two-7 days. A measles-like rash is likewise located in 50-eighty% of the cases.

In the essential section, dengue proceeds to a intense segment as the fever resolves. During this segment, plasma leaks from the blood vessels, resulting in accumulation of fluid within the chest and belly hollow space. There may also be depletion of fluid from the circulatory machine and decreased blood supply to vital organs of the body. This circumstance is called dengue haemorrhagic fever. It can be existence-threatening and happens in approximately 5% of all cases. Humans previously infected with other dengue serotypes are at extended risk of growing haemorrhagic fever. Youngsters and teenagers are also are at better chance of growing this circumstance.

The healing phase happens subsequent. The leaked fluids are absorbed lower back into the bloodstream. This typically lasts 2-3 days. In a few cases, another rash observed via peeling of skin can be observed. Fatigue may ultimate for weeks. A fluid overload kingdom may additionally occur in a few cases.

There aren’t any antiviral pills for dengue. Paracetamol is prescribed for fever. Blood transfusion can be prescribed if the haematocrit value will become too low. Treatment is aimed toward keeping fluid stability inside the body and coping with the associated signs. Those who are able to drink and skip urine can be managed at home the usage of rehydration remedy. However, if the signs are excessive, the affected person will need to be cared for in the sanatorium. Patients with dengue haemorrhagic fever need to be cared for an intensive care unit.

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